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My Ego is a bitch!

With all the work I do with my coach and other personal development I still have those “on my knee’s praying to God/Universe moments,” in fact, I just had one last week. As I start to stretch myself into new areas of my business my Ego shows up big time and puts really, really, awful […]

A dream come true….

Last week I was in Fort Lauderdale at a conference that I also attended last year. Last year at this same conference there was a success panel that inspired me to make some big changes in my life, dream bigger and set huge goals for myself. One of those goals was to be one of […]

Goal Cards

Watch my vlog (video blog) about my favorite manifesting tool, Goal Cards! Welcome to my blog! I want to tell you all about goal cards and why they are important and useful to use! Recently, I did a short video on one the most powerful tools I’ve ever used on manifesting your dreams. It’s a […]

Extroverted Dad-Introverted Child

As a therapist and a Myers-Briggs expert, I often have clients come to me with their parenting difficulties on raising a child of their opposite type. Recently in a session, a parent came to me who was an extroverted dad raising an introverted son. Though the title of this book may not entice men, I encouraged him […]